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The pelvic floor muscles play a key role in supporting our bladder, uterus,  and rectum.  Childbirth, surgery, heavy and repetitive lifting, and hormones can all contribute to weakening the pelvic floor muscles.  

During pregnancy our bodies go through huge changes, and for some its when problems with   posture, and leaking may arise.  

Postpartum is forever, whether your babe is 3 months or 30 years old!  Its never too late to start treatment! 

Pelvic pains can be complex and overwhelming conditions.  Everyone is different but Pelvic floor physiotherapy can sometimes be a tool that helps provide relief.

 Whether you are jumping on your kids trampoline, running, sneezing, lifting your kids or just  unable to make it to the bathroom in time.  Little leak or full flood... it is a sign of an underlying issue in the pelvic floor.​


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Pelvic health physiotherapy is a meaningful compliment to your     pre-natal care.

Pregnancy is the best time to gain postural awareness, learn the correct way of performing a pelvic floor contraction or “Kegel,”  prevent and treat incontinence, prolapse, pain; and learn ways to reduce injury to your pelvic floor during labour and delivery.